• TRON joins forces with Ankr to improve access to Web 3 infrastructure

  • TRON, one of the largest and most popular blockchain ecosystems, has announced Ankr Protocol as its newest Remote Procedure Call (RPC) partner. Ankr Protocol is one of the fastest-growing Web 3 infrastructure providers. TRON Public and Premium RPCs can now be accessed, request calls made, and information returned, mirroring the results obtained by running a TRON full node. This collaboration is an important step forward for TRON dApp developers interested in integrating capabilities for high-throughput, scalable, and secure apps.

    Ankr offers a geo-distributed and decentralized TRON RPC made up of many independent blockchain nodes running globally for low-latency and reliable connections. TRON RPCs from Ankr connect your wallet, command-line interface, or decentralized application to the TRON blockchain. They serve as a blockchain messenger or router, relaying on-chain information between nodes, dApps, and, ultimately, end users. TRON RPC endpoints are a portal for developers to interact directly with the TRON chain — a portal to communicate efficiently, remotely, and without having to go through the DevOps of establishing TRON nodes.

    This collaboration also addresses some of the issues that developers have been experiencing, such as:

    Removes complex node operations

    The Ankr public RPC will eliminate the need for many developers to set up their TRON node, saving hours spent building, calibrating, and troubleshooting node issues.

    Access to advanced tools is granted.

    The Premium version of Ankr Protocol provides instant access to the best tools for quickly building applications, such as unlimited TRON requests, global node distribution, dedicated TRON endpoints, prioritized requests, advanced developer API, and WebSockets (WS) capabilities.

    Powerful apps and open-source software that require TRON access

    Connect to a cluster of high-performance nodes that contain the data required to build and run dApps with TRON chain capabilities.

    TRON network is supported.

    Ankr Protocol will strengthen the TRON network globally by making development easier and providing a larger, decentralized node infrastructure. Furthermore, Ankr will incentivize independent and enterprise node operators to add their nodes to the load balancer in exchange for ANKR tokens, thereby adding more TRON nodes to this robust network.

    TRON is excited about this collaboration with Ankr and looks forward to making the integration of capabilities for developers easier and more secure.

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