• Twitter Is Thinking About Linking All User Accounts to New BTC-Enabled Lightning Wallet

  • The possibility of integrating Twitter accounts with Bitcoin-enabled lightning wallets is expected to generate significant profits for the social media platform.

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced on the official platform that he may allow a new move that will allow accounts hosted on the platform to have a BTC-enabled lightning wallet.

    Dorsey responded to a user who suggested that Twitter should now allow users to secure a wallet in order to store NFTs on their official accounts.

    Jack Dorsey has hinted that he is considering a new move that will give Twitter users access to their own bitcoin-enabled lightning wallets. However, it is unclear whether the social media platform will implement the aforementioned feature in the coming months. The following feature, if implemented and executed methodically, is said to boost BTC adoption and make the currency more accessible to the general public.

    The integration of Twitter accounts with BTC-enabled lightning wallets is expected to generate significant profits for the social media platform. Lightning wallets are intended to facilitate quick payments and reduce the time required to process a standard BTC-enabled payment. This will allow the platform to attract a large number of crypto enthusiasts who have been actively looking for secure and reliable payment networks with which to make payments. Such integrations have already been used by a number of applications, including ZEBEDEE Infuse, Sphynx Cat, and TIPPIN.

    Jack Dorsey is the multimillionaire CEO of the social media platform Twitter as well as Square, a mobile payment company. Dorsey recently made headlines when he openly promoted and supported Bitcoin, claiming that BTC possesses a unique power with the potential to take over the world. In 2008, the entrepreneur was named one of the world’s top 35 innovators and was the recipient of The Wall Street Journal’s “innovator of the year award.”

    Dorsey trolled the Ethereum community earlier today by uploading a screenshot of a tweet in which he stated that the second-largest cryptocurrency community could be a scam. Dorsey is a staunch supporter of bitcoin and has stated that it is “just a matter of time” before Twitter links all of its accounts to bitcoin-enabled lightning wallets. Users will then have wallets with which to conduct cryptocurrency transactions, and having verified Twitter accounts will aid in the authentication of their user identity.

    Simultaneously, Twitter’s CEO has rejected the idea of allowing users to store non-fungible tokens on the social media platform.

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