• Ukraine’s NFT Museum creates one-of-a-kind NFTs for Elon Musk

  • Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation, stated on Twitter that the Ukraine NFT museum team has designed a special non-fungible token (NFT) in honor of Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla inventor.

    Since Russia’s invasion, Elon Musk has been at the forefront of supporting Ukraine. During the event, the minister also mentioned that the country’s museum had raised 258 ETH, which is almost $725,000.

    NFT Museum in Ukraine

    The NFT museum, also known as the ‘Meta History: Museum of War,’ houses a collection of NFTs depicting some of the most exclusive moments in Russia’s present conflict with Ukraine.

    The museum was established last month in order to raise funds to assist citizens and soldiers affected by the war. The NFT collection will be sold on the Ethereum blockchain, with all proceeds going to the ministry’s official cryptocurrency wallet (currently 258 ETH).

    Elon Musk’s backing for Ukraine

    Ukraine has benefited greatly from Elon Musk’s Starlink project. When the war began, Mykhailo Fedorov requested that Starlink terminals be provided for his country because Russian attacks were disrupting internet connectivity.

    In Ukraine, over a thousand Starlink terminals are currently operational. However, Ukraine still requires international assistance.

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