• Unchain Ukraine collects $1.8 million in cryptocurrency donations for humanitarian aid in Ukraine

  • Unchain Ukraine, a global crypto-native fundraising effort that began on February 25, 2022, has earned $1.8 million in cryptocurrency donations for Ukraine to date.

    The effort, which is run by a community of 1000+ individuals on the ground and throughout the world, collects and coordinates donations for humanitarian relief such as migration support, communication tools, medicine, cybersecurity tools, protective equipment, food, and more. It does not raise funds for lethal aid.

    Unchain Ukraine has already received support and donations from a wide range of organizations, groups, and people, including Polygon, Solana, NEAR Protocol, Pool Together, Stefan George, pet3rpan, and many more. The monies will be disbursed to vetted local Ukrainian and other organizations that will aid in the humanitarian endeavor.

    The campaign’s fundraising efforts continue, with donation wallets set up across a variety of protocols, including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Harmony, Avalanche, NEAR, Celo, and Polkadot.

    All funds raised are fully transparent, with multisig signers including: Illia Polosukhin (Co-founder, NEAR Protocol), Scott Moore (Co-founder, Gitcoin), pet3rpan (Community Investing, 1kxnetwork), CJ Hetherington and Rev Miller (Co-founders, Atlantis World), Andriy Velykyy (Co-founder, Allbridge.io), Oleg Kurchenko (Founder, Binaryx), Alexey

    Unchain Ukraine is doing a fully community-led vetting exercise of the reputable organizations and cases that the group will finance for the sake of transparency. Trusted members of the Unchain Ukraine contributor community can participate in the process and make decisions.

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