• Uniswap intends to expand through the use of code that embeds its trading capabilities in websites

  • Uniswap Labs, the major developer of the largest decentralized exchange for spot-market cryptocurrency trading, is looking to expand by releasing computer code that can embed its capabilities into any website, citing an interview with the company’s COO.

    “To grow, we need to increase the entire market,” said Mary-Catherine Lader, Uniswap’s chief operations officer.

    A widget that can be installed by pasting in a line of code will allow OpenSea users to exchange multiple tokens without leaving the website that runs it, according to the article. It will also be available initially on Oasis.app and Friends With Benefits.

    The widget is part of Uniswap’s growth strategy, which includes the formation of a venture arm to invest in web3 firms earlier this week.

    Uniswap Labs Ventures will invest in a variety of web3 initiatives, with an emphasis on firms developing blockchain infrastructure, developer tools, and consumer-facing applications.

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