• UNOPND, a hacked startup studio, will launch Metaverse and the NFT Application Hub

  • UNOPND, a new research and startup studio backed by blockchain technology investment firm Hashed, has announced the launch of its metaverse and NFT application hub to support innovative ideas and use cases in the nascent industry.

    The UNOPND studio for creative projects will focus on new blockchain-based gaming and collectible NFTs, assisting a variety of startups looking to tap into a nascent market made possible by recent metaverse gaming advancements.

    The goal is to create an ecosystem of creators and users by experimenting in new ways to meet the needs of the masses.

    Hashed provides the power.

    Hashed, an investment firm focused on unlocking the potential of blockchain technology through dApps, games, tools, and infrastructure, will provide UNOPND with its network, experience, and expertise. Hashed, with a team of experts based in both Seoul and Silicon Valley, is in a unique position to bridge decentralized ecosystems in the US and Asia, accelerating global mass adoption.

    Hashed helps startups penetrate the global market and bootstrap their communities, having been an early investor in successful ventures such as Klaytn, MakerDAO, Synthetix, Mirror Protocol, dydx, Axie Infinity, Terra Virtua, and The Sandbox, with a portfolio of projects split evenly between the US and the rest of the world.

    “Hashed is excited to be leading efforts to make blockchain mainstream,” said Simon Kim, Hashed’s co-founder and CEO. “Financial application of blockchain is one of many fields we are currently exploring, and we believe the time has come to lend our support to teams and founders willing to explore blockchain’s full potential in other creative ways through UNOPND.”

    Unlocking the Metaverse’s Potential

    The metaverse concept, as well as the provable ownership provided by NFTs, is still relatively new, but it has enormous potential in revolutionizing entertainment, as well as opening up a market for blockchain technology that extends far beyond the financial applications provided by cryptocurrencies.

    As a result, UNOPND can tap into ideas that appeal to a much broader audience, including those who had never heard of cryptocurrencies before, as evidenced by the growing use of NFTs in sports, music, art, and gaming.

    UNOPND’s CEO, Chan Lee, stated, “UNOPND will build an ecosystem of creators and users, as well as provide innovative services that reveal the value of blockchain.”

    “In recent years, we’ve seen a surge in the popularity of blockchain-based games and social services.” To find the most appealing products, we want to focus on market demand, particularly community demand.”

    Allowing Builders to Concentrate on Building

    Builders will be able to focus on what they do best, which is building, thanks to UNOPND. UNOPND will then use its network to help projects with public relations, team development, community engagement, and strategy, with Hashed providing fundraising support.

    The studio is already working on a variety of projects while also looking into the potential of more metaverse and NFT applications. Ethereum, Cosmos, and Terra, among others, are among the layer 1 networks being considered.

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