• Utah Jazz Launches NFT Virtual Locker Room

  • With its one-of-a-kind Virtual Locker Room NFT, the Utah Jazz NBA team is putting a new spin on non-fungible token (NFT) use-cases in the sports world.

    The Utah Jazz’s new NFT program, announced on August 31, provides more opportunities for fan engagement and goes beyond being a digital collectible or artwork exclusive. The Jazz are launching a first-of-its-kind “virtual locker room.”

    This creation combines the concept of a digital non-fungible token (NFT) with exclusive access to the team’s virtual locker room. The experience includes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with team legends.

    The Utah Jazz’s owner, Ryan Smith, described the experience as “groundbreaking” for both the team and the fans:

    “I am overjoyed to be able to provide such a one-of-a-kind and groundbreaking experience to the Utah Jazz fan base and beyond,” Smith said. “This NFT program is our chance to show the world that technology is thriving in our state, and we intend to be on the cutting edge of innovation as we move forward.”

    Tiers of virtual locker room NFTs are available. The first allows fans to virtually tour the locker room. An Oculus virtual headset will be mailed to them for this purpose. Following the tour, Smith will meet with fans for a virtual 30-minute Q&A.

    The second tier is a more affordable option that includes the same tour and Q&A access as the first, but without the Oculus headset. Smith stated that it is a one-time opportunity, but that the team intends to release more NFTs in the future.

    The virtual locker room tour will take place on October 8, and a portion of the proceeds from the new NFT will benefit nonprofits in Utah.

    Takeover by NFT

    NBA teams are enamored with the latest NFT craze. During the Summer League Games in early August, the popular NBA Top Shot debuted its new NFT collection. Other NFT platforms, such as LegendsOfCrypto, recently signed with Orlando Magic’s Michael Carter-Williams. The sports industry sees NFTs as having the potential to increase fan engagement.

    Riley Demps was even hired as the Utah Jazz’s lead NFT Project Manager. “When I was hired in April, Ryan Smith asked me to push the boundaries of technology to create something unique in the NFT and cryptocurrency space,” Demps explained. “We have made it possible for people who come and go from the Utah market to feel like they are a part of a team in the most intimate and realistic way possible. I am overjoyed at the prospect of showing people all over the world not just what it means to be a Jazz fan, but also to be a member of the Jazz family.”

    The first Jazz NFT will be available on rarible.com from 10 a.m. MST on September 7 until September 15, unless sold out sooner. Only 30 will be produced.

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