• VeChainThor is one of the most environmentally friendly public blockchains, according to CTI

  • Introduction

    The world is currently facing climate change challenges. Experts believe that, with the rise of blockchain, it “must play a more proactive role” in providing solutions to this problem. It’s worth noting that both Bitcoin and Ethereum rely on Proof-of-Work (PoW) to function. This means that the entire industry employs a variety of technologies and designs to ensure efficiency.

    The VeChainThor blockchain contributes to a healthier planet by promoting green technologies. The network, according to VeChainThor, provides companies with sustainable infrastructures for developing smart contract solutions. VeChain claims to use a stable and effective PoA consensus mechanism, as well as energy-efficient methods for updating the public ledger.

    VeChain collaborated with CTI (Centre Testing International Group Co. Ltd.) to establish and maintain this practice. As a result, VeChainThor is now recognized as one of the world’s most environmentally friendly public blockchains.

    VeChainThor is a blockchain that is friendly to the environment.

    The diagram above depicts how the VeChainThor network functions over the course of a year. VeChain’s total carbon emissions are around 4.58 metric tons, and its total electricity consumption is around 7581.31 kWh, according to the data. This equates to approximately 4.3 BTC or 51 ETH transactions. Some of the PoS chains are also linked to the carbon footprint, according to sources. As a result, each VeChain transaction uses about 0.000216 KWh, or 0.04 percent of the amount used by Cardano.

    It’s worth noting that the energy cost per transaction on blockchains or decentralized networks is important to consider. It determines whether the network can be sustained in the long run.


    VeChain’s verification from CTI is a remarkable achievement because CTI is a reliable source for determining whether a blockchain is sustainable. According to reports, VeChain is already working on an upgrade to its PoA 2.0 consensus mechanism. VeChain will provide a more secure and efficient layer 1 public blockchain, with high performance and minimal environmental impact.

    With all of this in mind, reports claim that VeChainThor is the ideal choice for long-term enterprise collaboration for the general public, particularly businesses.

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