• Visa, the world’s largest payment company, has made an investment in the CryptoPunk movement

  • Visa, a well-known payment company, has taken a bold step into the world of NFTs. For a cool 49.5 ETH, they bought CryptoPunk #7610.

    Visa has amassed a collection of historical artifacts related to the financial world for over 60 years. Items related to technological advancements in the industry are housed in this repository. The venerable payment experts have now determined that the humble NFT is deserving of this honor.

    As a result, CryptoPunk #7160 was bought and added to Visa’s secure wallet. The purchase of this piece of NFT history was arranged by Anchorage’s newly licensed Digital Asset Bank. As a result, the mohawked, green-eyed female punk sold for around $150k, which is now at the lower end of the CryptoPunk pricing spectrum.

    Following the acquisition, Visa recognized the enormous potential of NFTs and the metaverse in general. Furthermore, the company stated their intention to remain at the forefront of this new technology. As one of the world’s most well-known financial institutions, Visa’s endorsement of the potential of this market is huge.

    Visa’s embrace of NFTs is a huge step forward for the crypto world in an environment where centralized finance is at odds with the decentralized future. And it’s yet another sign that the industry is preparing for widespread adoption.

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