• VOX Cats, the fourth NFT collection from Boss Cat Rocket Club, is now available

  • Boss Cat Rocket Club (BCRC), which debuted in December, already has three NFT collections under its belt. These are Cardano-based NFT collections, which include Boss Cat NFT, Boss Cat Rockets, and Rocket components. Boss Planet Real Estates has also been launched as part of the initiative. Boss Cat Rocket Club is about to release its fourth collection, VOX Cats.

    Boss Cat Rocket Club has quickly established itself as one of the most exciting Cardano initiatives. Indeed, three NFT collections from the initiative are among the top ten Cardano NFT collections in terms of total sales volume. Furthermore, the project has a robust community of 73,000 members, which is the most of any Cardano NFT project.

    First and foremost, what exactly is the Boss Cat Rocket Club?

    Boss Cat Rocket Club was founded by a BAYC community member, Blue Magic, and its genesis collection includes 9,999 space-bound cats. These algorithmically made kitties were gone in less than 2 minutes! The project then released the BCRC Rocket, which had 3,333 rocket parts. Holders who had three matching Rocket Parts could then send them to an official Assembly Wallet to exchange them for a fully built Rocket. There will never be more than 1,111 fully built rockets.

    Boss Cat Rocket Club has become a community favorite in the last three months. In fact, some members have expressed gratitude for how the project has enriched their lives.

    “After minting our Boss Cats and Rocket Parts, our community members tell us they bought automobiles and put down payments on houses,” BCRC team members added. “These are truly life-changing projects for so many people.”

    Furthermore, BCRC is supported by a number of well-known celebrities. NBA legend Baron Davis is the project’s brand ambassador. This is the first time an All-Star NBA player has served as a brand ambassador for a Cardano NFT initiative. Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, Cypress Hill’s Eric Bobo, DJ/Producer Hook N Sling, actor Jonathan Sadowski, and others have all praised the initiative.

    BCRC’s own metaverse is known as Boss Planet.

    The Boss Cat Rocket Club has its own metaverse, Boss Planet. Boss Planet will have multiple in-game characters and will be a voxel-based, play-to-earn, limitless social gaming experience. In April, the project will provide one such avatar collection, VOX Cats, to all BCRC NFT holders.

    BCRC will also debut The Boss Planet Token, the metaverse’s native currency, later this year. The token will be required for all transactions in the virtual world. Aside from that, the coin will have a variety of applications throughout the Cardano ecosystem.

    Furthermore, the group plans to introduce the Boss Planet Marketplace soon, where users will be able to buy and trade all VOX assets. We’re talking about furniture, landscape, structures, art, and so much more! Furthermore, the marketplace will include community-created content as well as items supplied by the project’s official partners.

    Overall, the Boss Cat Rocket Club is off to a good start. It has nailed its artwork, community-building, and utility—all of which are incredibly necessary for a project to flourish in the NFT market.

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