• Voyage In Paradise and Rave Republic Launch the World’s First Listen-To-Earn NFT Project

  • Voyage In Paradise (ViP) has announced an official collaboration with the Rave Republic to establish the first listen-to-earn NFT project. Furthermore, the project is a collaboration between Catheon Gaming and King Pillar Limited, featuring top DJs and musicians as collaborators.

    The First Listen-To-Earn NFT Project, Voyage in Paradise

    ViP encourages top musicians from around the world to join its ecosystem, and the Top 100 DJ Rave Republic is the most recent addition. Rave Republic was formed in 2014, and their debut release, ‘Far Away,’ rocketed to the top of the iTunes Dance Chart.

    In fact, 2022 will be Rave Republic’s eighth year in the music industry. It is also the fourth time the DJ duo has performed at some of the most prestigious clubs and events. Furthermore, from its start, it has produced global chart-topping tunes.

    Meanwhile, Catheon Gaming was the one who came up with the idea for the project. The initiative attempts to integrate blockchain technology into the music community by enhancing real-world entertainment with Web3.

    The project of Voyage In Paradise is based on a “listen-to-earn” model. It also has a metaverse performance venue, an NFT album release service, a music incubator, and a DAO. It also aspires to bring together listeners and musicians in a real symbiotic relationship.

    While the idea will reward users for listening to curated music, artists can work with fans to co-create an engagement environment. Furthermore, musicians and producers can distribute their music as NFTs on the blockchain. Additionally, NFT holders will have access to relevant tunes, albums, as well as music-related bonuses and giveaways.

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