• Weekly charts are topped by CryptoPunks, which increased by 558 percent as the NFT market recovered

  • However, this time, following a successful week for the NFT collection, CryptoPunks is making headlines once more. On Crypto Slam, the renowned NFT collection is at the top of various charts. As markets rebound, CryptoPunks maintains its lead over the BAYC collection in the current rankings.

    The word is punks!

    The CryptoPunks collection is back and is still comfortably occupying the top spot on the NFT sales ranking. The collection’s sales volume during the past week has surpassed $25.3 million, an increase of 558 percent. The arch rival BAYC amassed slightly over $12.4 million at the same time.

    Analytics platforms are closely monitoring the brisk sales, nevertheless. Santiment acknowledged a sharp rise in “Punks OTC” transactions over the previous 30 days. The largest transaction during this time was a 120 ETH ($140k) CryptoPunks NFT.

    Recently, the NFT space has seen a rise in popularity for NFT OTC (over-the-counter) trading. It enables customers to purchase their preferred NFTs for little to no cost. In addition, holders and potential buyers are becoming interested in NFT Finance (or NFTFi) protocols. To encourage greater engagement in the NFT market, NFTFi also provides other services like lending, borrowing, and renting holdings.

    When it comes to NFT sales volume, CryptoPunks is currently dominating the daily and weekly charts. According to Crypto Slam, sales on the daily chart have increased by 391 percent to $7.11 million. The current increase on CryptoPunks is indicative of the last weeks’ overall rise of the NFT market. The second quarter’s crypto carnage has been challenging for the NFT market as prices have fallen precipitously.

    Where are the punks?

    What does this entail going forward for the CryptoPunks collection? Despite recent growth, the collection has lagged behind Avalanche’s most recent PlatypusNFT, which has a 30-day total of almost $4.9 billion. CryptoPunks, meanwhile, has only been able to generate a meager $59 million in volume. With new collections drawing sizable audiences, the NFT market is going to get intriguing.

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