• WhaleShark, a collector, has joined MakersPlace as a curator

  • WhaleShark, a renowned collector of all things NFT, is pleased to announce an ongoing collaboration with MakersPlace. In the future, he will serve as a curator for the prestigious marketplace.

    Taking on the role of “Curator of Photography,” WhaleShark will highlight 15 outstanding NFT photographers each month, bringing attention to their exceptional talents and assisting them in broadening their digital horizons.

    By special invitation, WhaleShark will whitelist a subset of candidates. Then, subject to the required ID verification, they will be welcomed into the fold. Following that, they will become a part of the WhaleShark curated collection and, as a result, members of an exclusive NFT photography community.

    WhaleShark has extensive knowledge of the NFT industry as a whole, having played a significant role in it. However, one of his true passions is photography, in which he has made significant investments. As a result, his vast knowledge of the subject has found a suitable home.

    WhaleShark will receive a large portion of MakersPlace’s normal commission for his efforts. The noble collector, on the other hand, has pledged to pay this fee forward in order to support future photographers, and will thus use the additional profits to fund an upcoming grant fund. Sir, you’ve done an excellent job.

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