• Which US City Will Become the Crypto Capital? Crypto Is the New Battleground for US Politicians; Which US City Will Become the Crypto Capital?

  • As the digital asset industry emerges as the new battleground for swaying audiences, U.S. politicians are increasingly embracing digital currencies. Four mayors in the United States have announced that they will accept Bitcoin as payment in the last week.

    It all started when Miami Mayor Francis Suarez announced that he would accept his next paycheck entirely in Bitcoin. The mayor-elect of New York City, Eric Adams, followed suit by raising the bar even higher and announcing that he would accept his first three paychecks in Bitcoin.

    Scott Conger, the mayor of Jackson, has been following them closely (TN). Conger said in a tweet on Thursday that, while city laws prevent him from accepting Bitcoins directly, he will instantly convert his next paycheck into BTC.

    As the crypto landscape evolves, it is clear that politicians in these regions are taking steps to attract crypto industries.

    The United States’ Next Crypto Capital

    There is a sudden surge in demand for crypto talent as jobs in this industry are rapidly increasing. Citing Linked In data, that New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles have the highest share of crypto-related hiring this year in 2021. This is followed by metropolitan areas such as Miami and Chicago.

    Surprisingly, the industry isn’t consolidating into a single hub like finance in New York, technology in San Francisco, or movies in Hollywood. Anchorage Digital co-founder Diogo Monica said:

    “Crypto companies are an extreme version of technology, with the ethos of their work centered on decentralization.” This means that cities and states with low taxes, excellent infrastructure, and easy access to an international airport will benefit from fully remote work.”

    Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has frequently stated his desire to make the city the world’s crypto capital. He believes that various parts of the United States will naturally have a competitive advantage. Suarez stated, “The medium to long-term prospects are enormous.” “It’s just as transformative as the Industrial Revolution.”

    Crypto mining operations have been relocating to areas with abundant green energy. On the other hand, crypto exchanges are establishing themselves in urban areas. It will be interesting to see which city in the United States emerges as the crypto capital in the future.

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