• Wicked Craniums and Sandclock Join Forces for Charity NFT Auction

  • Wicked Craniums is teaming up with Sandclock Org to hold a charity NFT auction. In order to accomplish this, the two have partnered with four charitable organizations: UNICEF, Acumen, Mercy Corps, and Health Finance Institute. The entire auction proceeds will be donated to these charities.

    The goal of the collaboration is to bridge the gap between art, DeFi, and philanthropy. Sandclock said of the collaboration, “Wicked Craniums’ support in this collaboration is proof of their commitment to using art and blockchain to have a meaningful impact on the world.”

    Meet The God Craniums, a collaboration between Wicked Craniums and Sandclock.

    Reckless Labs, the team behind Wicked Craniums, has released their first 1/1 NFTs, dubbed ‘The God Craniums,’ for the charity auction. The collection includes five 1/1 skull Gods. While the company has donated four of these NFTs for the upcoming auction, Wicked Craniums and Sandclock have something “special” in store for the fifth.

    The four skulls are currently up for auction on Nifty Gateway. Earth, Fire, Water, and Air are the four God NFTs with stunning artwork. In addition, each God is assigned to a specific charity. Water God had the highest bid at the time of writing, $2,575. Fire God came in second at $1,716.66. While Air God’s bid had reached $1,666.66, Earth God’s bid had remained at $1,111. The auction will end in approximately six hours.

    NFT charity donations have increased in recent months. A number of NFT projects are now leading by example by raising charitable funds. Charitable causes are also an important part of the plans for some collections. For example, Cyberkongz recently raised 69 ETH ($202,000) to support Virunga National Park. WiV Technology auctioned off a wine NFT last month to benefit the President Salome Zourabishvili Foundation and the Salkhino Monastery.

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