• Will eToro add Shiba Inu to its platform, boosting the coin’s trading volume beyond 600,000 holders?

  • Shiba Inu has been included in eToro’s investment portfolio due to increased demand for low-cap cryptocurrencies and meme-themed virtual currencies.

    Users have been requesting that eToro integrate popular cryptocurrency assets. It now backs Shiba Inu, the Dogecoin killer project that recently surpassed 600,000 holdings thanks to range-bound price action despite its recent launch.

    For people trading on exchanges like Crypto.com, the Ethereum-based virtual currency has become a popular choice. According to data from Crypto.com, listing Shiba Inu had a significant impact on the number of crypto traders it attracted, with a 54 percent increase from May to June and 221 million users, up from 132 million at the end of April.

    Will eToro list Shiba Inu, possibly causing a price surge?

    SHIB was conceived as a viable alternative to the popular meme-themed Dogecoin, and its creators have already constructed the ShibaSwap decentralized exchange platform.

    Demand is expected to rise further as a result of the current Shiba Inu listing on eToro. The crypto is currently worth 100 million units of one-hundredth of a Shiba Inu, often known as a “Lot.”

    A unit of that instrument is “a lot” of financial instruments, which might vary in size on different exchanges.

    Traders on eToro can invest any number of lots above the $25 minimum investment requirement.

    At the moment, Shiba Inu isn’t in any CopyPortfolios. Regardless, the eToro investment team rebalances portfolios on a regular basis and may add SHIBxM to a portfolio if it becomes appropriate in the future.

    Until recently, eToro permitted clients to buy SHIBxM index positions without using leverage. Demand for SHIBxM has risen dramatically, which may be reflected in the coin’s current price. The cryptocurrency is currently up 7% in 10 days, and eToro has opened SHIBxM for copy trading, which could lead to many more big gains.

    The Shiba Inu’s listing comes at a time when the breed’s value is under serious jeopardy.

    On the 12-hour chart for SHIB, an asymmetrical triangular pattern was seen before the listing, indicating a sideways movement. SHIB exhibited higher lows and lower highs, resulting in two trends that connected at the apex, making a symmetrical triangle pattern.

    Despite the fact that the chart suggests SHIB’s price is indecisive, the coin is presently on the verge of a dramatic drop after falling below a critical support line. The major pattern’s calculations suggested that the meme-themed coin might drop 19 percent, with bears targeting $0.0000050 as a target.

    If the price falls below the diagonal support trend line, there is a strong likelihood of a negative SHIB projection.

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