• With a $840k NFT sale, Frank Miller’s Sin City raises the bar

  • Frank Miller, a real-life superhero, has set an incredible new standard for comic book NFTs. He sold a single Sin City NFT for $840k this week. That is approximately 235 ETH in real money!

    “I Love You Nancy Callahan” depicts the death of Detective Hartigan and is one of the most moving moments in comic book history. The content begins with a tender exchange between Nancy and Hartigan before depicting the detective’s brutal demise. The work is an animated version of the original frames from a comic book. All of this is backed up by a mood-inducing atmospheric musical underscore. The end result is an NFT mastery triumph.

    The auction was held on OpenSea and was conducted in Gala Coin in collaboration with Gala Games and Concept Arthouse. As a result, a three-way bidding war erupted, with the price eventually settling at 8,537,584 $GALA.

    When it comes to the digital medium, Frank Miller is optimistic about the emerging technology. He sees NFTs as an additional facet to his medium of choice, adding dimension to his creations and bringing them to life.

    “It’s something you aspire to when you’re drawing, but to really see things form and move like in ‘I Love You, Nancy Callahan,’ it’s really wonderful,” he said candidly.

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