• With “Metamask Snaps,” Metamask hints towards Bitcoin support

  • With “Metamask Snaps,” Metamask hints towards Bitcoin support.

    Only Ethereum and now Binance Smart Chain tokens are known to be supported by Metamask. There are hints, however, that the wallet can now be used to manage Bitcoin. The team stated on Twitter on 14 April that users can now manage their Bitcoin within the wallet.

    “Have you ever wished you could control your Bitcoin with MetaMask?” This, and much more, is possible using MetaMask Snaps. “Here’s a taste, with this BitcoinSnap in action on our developer build,” the team tweeted on the metamask verified Twitter handle, along with a link to a video demonstrating how to use Bitcoin Snaps.

    This is achievable because to a technology known as Metamask Snaps. Developers can use Metamask Snaps to put more capabilities into the wallet, allowing it to support more networks, features, and security tools, opening the door to unlimited possibilities.

    Discover how to use Metamask Snaps.

    If you attend the “Devconnect” event next week, you will be able to learn how to utilize Metamask Snaps to not only manage Bitcoin but also to add other capabilities to your Metamask wallet. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a high-tech developer to achieve this.

    The Metamask team will be hosting a workshop at the event, which you may attend to acquire this highly vital skill for doing more with your wallet.

    Meanwhile, the Metamask community has been waiting for the developers to produce its own token and airdrop it to the community. While the team cannot rule out the possibility, it also states that it will not happen anytime soon.

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