• With the addition of new Trump NFTs, Parler has launched an NFT marketplace

  • DeepRedSky, a new NFT marketplace, has been launched by Parler, the right-wing social media app. It intends to sell tokens such as the new CryptoTrump Club, a package of 250 NFTs bearing President Trump’s visage.

    DeepRedSky will sell NFTs based on the Solana blockchain and will accept credit card payments for the digital assets.

    OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, takes a 2.5 percent commission of each transaction. DeepRedSky’s prices will be greater, according to Parler CEO George Farmer, who declined to elaborate on the specifics. DeepRedSky plans to provide consultancy services to customers interested in selling NFTs, advising them through the production, marketing, and distribution of these crypto assets.

    “We want to partner with 50 to 100 brands, and we want to offer a considerably better full-service provision than OpenSea now does, which is basically just minting and a location to put them up,” Farmer adds. “We want to support you with brand promotions, social media, and Discord,” the popular social networking app among NFT collectors.

    Parler had a similar bond with former First Lady Melania Trump. According to Farmer, Parler assisted the First Lady’s office in selling its first NFT in January—images from a 2018 state visit with French President Macron—and is currently working on the second round of NFTs revealed by Melania Trump in February. She intends to sell 10,000 NFTs for $50 apiece, containing images from the Trumps’ tenure in power.

    While DeepRedSky’s initial offering, the CryptoTrump Club, bears the 45th president’s visage, Farmer claims it was not developed by President Trump. He refused to name the originator of CryptoTrump Club. The CryptoTrump Club sells prints of the former president in a variety of situations for $2,750 apiece. A tuxedoed Trump holds a Diet Coke; a cowboy Trump in a huge, broad-rimmed hat with a pistol belt slung over his shoulder; and a besuited Trump on a beach with a jaunty piratical eye patch covering his left eye.

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