• With the Meta House Mafia NFT Collection, you may become a virtual mafioso!

  • Would you desire to live The Godfather’s imposing life? If so, the Meta House Mafia NFT collection can help you become a virtual Mafioso!

    This ground-breaking effort blends high-quality artwork with Metaverse functionality to bring the formidable Mafia to the forefront of the NFT scene. For a great Mafiosi digital experience, casinos, wild shoulder animals, and community structure are all featured.

    Minting has already begun, so let’s see how you may become a member of the elite Meta House Mafia!

    What is the Meta House Mafia, and what does it do?

    Meta House Mafia is essentially a collection of 10,000 avatar-style NFTs. Each digital asset, dubbed Mafiosi, is made up of over 340 hand-drawn features. Minting is now available on the official website for 0.08 ETH, and you can acquire your own Mafiosi NFT!

    Of course, the collection was created by the project’s graphic artist Abraham Garca, who took into account a variety of rarities. In fact, the Meta House Mafia has a hierarchy based on the rarity of NFTs.

    What is the Mafia’s NFT hierarchy like?

    Your role inside the DAO, as well as other privileges, are determined by the rarity of your NFT. Those with rarer Mafiosi digital assets, for example, will be able to earn greater royalties!

    As a result, the most valuable NFTs are those belonging to the Meta House Mafia’s Dons. Notably, only 5 Dons NFTs are available, and they can only be obtained by collecting the other collectibles in the game.

    The other five sorts of Mafiosi assist and guide the Dons NFTs in the following ways:

    • 15 Consiglieres NFTs
    • 50 Underbosses NFTs
    • 1,000 Caporegimes NFTs
    • 2,500 Soldiers NFTs
    • 6,340 Associates NFTs

    Surprisingly, Dons NFTs come with a 0.200 percent royalty share of the project’s overall royalties. Associates NFTs (the most common) will get 0.007% of the overall royalties in comparison.

    Nonetheless, each digital item is distinct and valued, resulting in a virtual mafia-like hierarchy. Project administrators will build an invincible virtual empire with such a formidable community on their side!

    What’s the first step? An exclusive gaming district in the Metaverse.

    The project’s timeline was revealed.

    The Meta House Mafia Mafiosi NFTs enjoy gambling, and project administrators hope to provide all holders with the best virtual experience possible.

    As a result, the first part of the roadmap entails obtaining Metaverse land on which to construct a Casino. This unique facility will, in particular, be based on a legal gaming license! Meanwhile, the team will unveil the DAO governance structure, which will allow NFT holders to vote on treasury money.

    Project administrators will focus on generating luxury retail products in the second phase. Community members will once again be involved in the process, resulting in a representative line of one-of-a-kind items.

    The roadmap’s third phase is all about empowering the community. The team will give outstanding experiences for its NFT holders, from exclusive concerts and parties to real-life events.

    Finally, the team will look at new ways to incorporate cutting-edge technology into the project. As a result, Mafiosi NFT holders will soon be able to enjoy augmented reality, virtual reality, and even prospective derivative ventures!

    You can mint your own Mafiosi NFT on the official website if you’re ready to join the strong Meta House Mafia virtual family. Meanwhile, top visuals and project revelations may be found on the project’s TikTok and Instagram accounts!

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