• With the new Constellation Network contract, the United States Air Force prioritizes blockchain security

  • The United States Air Force will use Constellation’s Hypergraph Network to provide data security to the Department of Defense’s commercial partners through a blockchain-based program.

    Constellation announced on Thursday that it had been working with Kinnami Software Corporation to develop an end-to-end data security solution for the United States Transportation Command, Air Mobility Command’s 618th Air Operations Center, and a Civil Reserve Air Fleet partner using blockchain encryption and distributed data management. The platform’s purpose, according to the platform, is to securely communicate data with commercial partners on missions involving the operations of planes and ships under contract to the DoD.

    The United States Transportation Command, or USTRANSCOM, enables authorities, including those in the 618th, to coordinate tasks using military and private-sector resources. The solution developed by Constellation Network has the ability to improve existing cybersecurity and overall efficacy.

    “In recent years, blockchain technology has become increasingly appealing to enterprise organizations due to its promise to bring greater efficiency and security for a variety of use cases, including supply chain management,” said Constellation co-founder and chief strategy officer Benjamin Diggles. “This contract opens the door to larger, more vital uses of blockchain for data protection in a global digital infrastructure, bringing forth the fundamental technology’s genuine promises.”

    Constellation’s native token DAG, which will be used to protect bandwidth on its network, is backed by the Civil Reserve Air Fleet partner as well as DoD organizations. Constellation will supply its Hypergraph Transfer Protocol, or HGTP, in place of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP, as a security option for numerous corporations and government institutions.

    One of the first contracts signed by the US Air Force with Constellation in 2019 appeared to be more focused on data management. At the time, the military branch stated that the collaboration was an attempt to “speed up the experience, increase the pool of potential applicants, and reduce bureaucratic overhead.”

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