• Within its ecosystem, this mobile eSports platform uses NFTs as prizes

  • MegaFans, a mobile gaming company based in Southern California, announced the distribution of the world’s first NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as prizes to mobile eSports platform players.

    In September, the company began testing offers with Bitcoin to gauge market response, which was positive, so they quickly moved to include NFTs as part of the company’s plan to integrate into the metaverse market and become the first mobile eSports platform in that space.

    MegaFans also tested distribution options for a long-term, scalable model, and is currently utilizing Open Sea, the largest NFT marketplace for peer-to-peer transactions, as well as Polygon, a multi-blockchain system that addresses high gas fees in a secure environment.

    As MegaFans entertains offers to integrate with other metaverse platforms, the model proved to be successful this week when the company distributed the first NFTs within their mobile eSports environment.

    MegaFans provides a variety of free-to-play and pay-to-win options, ranging from quick-play contests to monthly tournaments with larger prize pools of up to $5,000. (USD). As community participation grows, the pools grow in size, and players win virtual tokens that can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, NFTs, gift cards, or cash.

    The company also employs a leaderboard format that offers multiple tournaments at the same time to an infinite number of players worldwide, regardless of skill level or geo-location.

    Jeff Donnelley, CEO and Founder of MegaFans, stated:

    “It’s both exciting and humbling to be the first to market in the blockchain space!” We’re bridging mobile eSports games and digital currencies in an unprecedented way. This is the metaverse’s cutting edge, and we (MegaFans) are pioneering technology that opens up previously untapped markets.”

    Incubation at Launchpool Labs

    MegaFans has recently joined the Launchpool Labs incubator program, where they will receive strategic and technical assistance to help grow their growing community of gamers and collectors.

    The Launchpool Labs incubator is a 90-day intensive development program focused on creating communities and value around blockchain startups.

    Roxana Nasoi, MD of Launchpool Labs, stated:

    “eSports metaverse games are novel in the P2E (pay-to-earn) environment, in a market that is experiencing a real boom in terms of gaming, NFTs, and cryptocurrency.” The majority of projects out there take advantage of the web browser or PC opportunity, whereas Megafans goes completely mobile, giving them first-mover advantage. The team has a track record of success in mobile esports fantasy games, and we’re excited to help them enter the gamefi space.”

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