• WonderFi has purchased Blockchain Foundry

  • According to a news statement, WonderFi Technologies Inc. and Blockchain Foundry Inc., a leading North American blockchain development firm, have announced a final agreement under which WonderFi would purchase all outstanding Blockchain Foundry shares.

    The agreement’s main advantages

    The agreement will help speed the growth of full-service Web3 efforts by expanding the development environment and improving customer channels, as well as adding immediate scale to Blockchain’s product offering.

    This will be achievable thanks to the user base of WonderFi’s Coinberry and Bitbuy platforms.

    It would also ensure significant operational and customer synergies across Blockchain’s entire product line and development projects. Dan Wasyluk, CEO of Blockchain Foundry, commented:

    We are excited to be joining WonderFi, whose team boasts in-depth expertise in Web3 and a complementary range of products to combine with our current development initiatives. We can capitalize on the numerous consumer and operational synergies to create more opportunities across a range of Web3 experiences.

    Marketplace for one-of-a-kind NFT drops

    LastKnown, an NFT marketplace and minting platform hosted by Blockchain Foundry, was launched in January of this year. So far, Blockchain Foundry has launched three collections via LastKnown, all from well-known artists.


    They launched the beta edition of Metacademy, an educational platform built on the learn-to-earn philosophy, in May. It emphasizes hands-on learning in an intuitive setting.

    Metacademy teaches users how to mint, create a crypto wallet, transact in NFTs, better grasp the metaverse, and the key differences between Web2 and Web3.

    Ben Samaroo, CEO of WonderFi, stated:

    This agreement solidifies WonderFi as the Canadian digital asset leader. Blockchain Foundry is on a great trajectory with a track record in generating revenue, a vast range of brand partnerships, and a broad set of intellectual properties.

    The current crypto market conditions have improved the prospect of acquisitions by WonderFi of companies like Blockchain Foundry. They can potentially improve Bitbuy and Coinberry, our fundamental operating crypto asset trading platforms, and add a portfolio of private emerging crypto investments, liquid digital assets, and cash to WonderFi’s balance sheet.

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