• WoW and The Sandbox Establish a $25 Million Inclusivity Foundation

  • The World of Women NFT collection and The Sandbox have joined up to develop an inclusion program with a $25 million investment over a five-year period. The ‘WoW Foundation’ program will increase the presence of women in Web3 ecosystems through educational and mentorship programs.

    The collaboration is an expansion of the pre-existing values of the prestigious World of Women NFT collection, which was established in July 2021 to counteract the absence of female artist participation (a measly 5% to be exact) in NFT art sales in the 21 months preceding its debut.

    With this sociological issue in mind, the foundation’s funds will be utilized to build a virtual academy for female artists and to invest in varied and inclusive spaces for women in Web3. The alliance hopes to foster more female participation in the field by acting as an incubator, advisor, and platform to enter The Sandbox ecosystem.

    The WoW Foundation will also provide free online training on all things Web3 through immersive experiences in The Sandbox. Students who finish the course will be awarded a certified ‘NFT diploma.’ A WoW Museum will also be constructed in The Sandbox to showcase the foundation’s and its students’ journeys and accomplishments.

    Sebastien Borget, co-founder and CEO of The Sandbox, said of the empowering effort in a recent news release: “Through facilitating education and sponsorship of women’s projects, we hope these programs help generate a generation of influential women builders in the field.”

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