• XRP rises above $1, gaining 8% today

  • As the crypto market continues to rise, the sixth largest cryptocurrency, Ripple-affiliated XRP, has risen by around 8% today, printing two massive green candles in the last hour. XRP has increased by more than 13% in the last week.

    The XRP coin has risen from $0.9580 to $1.03 on the Binance exchange against USDT, while the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin has increased by 10%, rising to nearly $48,000 from $44,900.

    However, this is still 28% lower than XRP’s September 6 high of $1.41 and 48% lower than the $1.97 peak seen by the XRP community on April 14, when Bitcoin hit its new and latest all-time high of $64,800.

    Panos Mekras, the founder and CEO of DigitalGen Financial Services, recently tweeted that he has never been more bullish on XRP and XRPL.

    He cited massive development activity, a massive number of projects built on XRPL, and a plethora of new features and use cases as reasons for this.

    I am more bullish on $XRP and the #XRPL than ever before. What we have been waiting for all these years is finally coming to fruition. Huge development activity, hundrends of projects building on XRPL, many different & amazing use cases, new features. And it’s only the beginning.— Panos (@panosmek) October 1, 2021

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