• YG Entertainment of Kpop Announces New NFT Partnership With ZCC

  • YG Entertainment of KPOP, well known for their enormously popular girl group BLACKPINK, has announced another collaboration in the NFT/crypto realm, this time with Zombies Culture Club, a “NFT Community of Zombies” (ZCC).

    ZCC describes itself as an NFT community committed to keeping the Earth green. Because of their anti-nature reputation, NFTs are widely despised by the general public.

    Apparently, generating and maintaining NFTs demands an enormous amount of energy, which results in a lot of pollution. However, the NFT Club promises a new approach to NFTs that prioritizes “green earth.”

    This is not YG Entertainment’s first collaboration with a blockchain-based enterprise. YG Entertainment announced a collaboration with the world’s largest cryptocurrency platform, Binance, in April. According to reports, the collaboration “would result in YG Entertainment’s outstanding success in the NFT industry.” However, we have yet to see the results.

    YG Entertainment is now busy planning for various comebacks from their singers, including BLACKPINK, Winner, Treasure, and Akmu, among others.

    What Is YG Entertainment All About?

    YG Entertainment is a record label and entertainment firm based in South Korea. Yang Hyun Suk created it on February 24, 1996. Following the success of its groups 2NE1 (who disbanded) and Bigbang, YG has long been regarded as one of South Korea’s “Big Three” K-pop management organizations (who recently had a comeback after years of hiatus). However, it was not until BLACKPINK debuted in 2018 that YG Entertainment gained international recognition. BLACKPINK is still YG’s biggest and most successful group, with fans eagerly anticipating new songs from their favorite after a 600-day sabbatical.

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