• You Can Now Purchase a Real Mansion in The Sandbox with a Metaverse Counterpart

  • Because you can now buy a real mansion with a virtual counterpart in The Sandbox, the real estate landscape is greeting the Metaverse with open arms. ONE Sotheby’s International Realty is collaborating with Voxel Architects and NFT Collector Gabe Sierra to unveil the world’s first MetaReal Mansion.

    “This is another move into integrating physical and digital worlds into the Metaverse,” says The Sandbox Co-Founder Sebastien Borget.

    The Metaverse’s First Real Mansion and Its Sandbox Counterpart

    The buyer of the NFT asset will also be the owner of the real residence. The home in Miami will be ready for occupation by the fourth quarter of 2022. Because this is the first initiative of its sort, the NFT community is in awe of this industry milestone.

    The NFT-backed home is being built on a one-acre parcel in one of the city’s most elite areas by the partners. It will be 11,000 square feet in size and will include seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Then, on The Sandbox, Voxel Architects is developing a mirror image rival.

    Gabe Sierra, the founder of Meta Residence, explained the objective of the virtual equivalent. It will essentially “act as an extension of the real-world house.” This means that the new homeowner will be able to organize in-home meetings, events, and parties with guests from all around the world.” In some ways, it’s as if you’re buying two residences!

    Mark your calendars because the ‘MetaReal’ Mansion will be auctioned off this year for an unspecified reserve price. Meanwhile, Michael Martinez of ONE Sotheby’s is the sole sales agent for the property. He intends to carry out the transaction on the Ethereum blockchain, according to sources.

    The Novel Idea: Real Estate Meets the Metaverse

    Voxel Architects claims that their “professional team of architects and voxel modelers will ensure that every architectural component and design is properly portrayed to the highest detail.”

    The concept behind this project is that the Metaverse house can function as an extension of the real-world home. As a result, the owner is able to hold meetings, events, and parties with guests from all over the world. As a result, the goal is to “produce a dual experience that combines the Metaverse with reality to the point where one can become a continuation of the other.”

    Concerning the Partners

    Meta Residence is a corporation that creates luxury homes in both the real world and the Metaverse. So, in order to realize its ambition, it purchased +40 acres of The Sandbox lands for future development. This comprises residences, commercial structures, and casino ventures.

    Meanwhile, ONE Sotheby’s International Realty is Florida’s leading source for premium real estate and development. It has 22 offices spread across the country, from Miami and Key Biscayne to Vero Beach and Cocoa Village. The organization is responsible for over $20 billion in luxury real estate sales, thus they more than deserve to be the project’s exclusive broker!

    The territory of Voxel Architects is making digital visions a reality. It made history by being the first Metaverse architecture firm.

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