• ZEBEDEE and Viker Have Joined Forces to Bring Bitcoin Rewards To Mobile Games

  • Three Android and iOS games have already been released as a result of the collaboration: Wheel of Trivia, Wheel of Crypto, and Balls King.

    • ZEBEDEE collaborates with Viker, a gaming studio, to bring bitcoin rewards to Android and iOS mobile games.
    • On both platforms, the Wheel of Trivia, the Wheel of Crypto, and the Balls King are already available.
    • The collaboration is expected to produce two more games before the end of the year.

    According to a press release, ZEBEDEE, a fintech company focused on enabling Bitcoin services for the gaming industry, has partnered with gaming studio Viker to bring play-to-earn bitcoin gaming to mobile users worldwide.

    “We’re making games more fun and exciting by offering real-world rewards,” said Simon Cowell, CEO of ZEBEDEE. “At this point in our journey, Viker is the ideal partner because they create simple games that anyone can understand, enjoy, and now earn Bitcoin with.”

    Viker has already released three mobile Bitcoin games that use ZEBEDEE’s Lightning payments technology, including Wheel of Trivia, Wheel of Crypto, and Balls King. The games are available for Android and iOS devices, and they allow players to play and earn real Bitcoin, which they can then withdraw to their preferred self-custody wallet. The collaboration is expected to result in two more Bitcoin-powered games before the end of the year.

    Viker’s return on advertising spend (ROAS) has increased by more than 40% since integrating ZEBEDEE’s Bitcoin rails, as have core retention metrics such as session length, playtime, and churn rate.

    The business model of ZEBEDEE is centered on reintroducing true value transfer into gaming. Historically, the concept of “skin in the game” was used to increase engagement in gaming, but that reality has vanished as the industry has shifted to the digital realm.

    “There is a strong historical precedent to argue that value transfer has always been an integral part of what makes games fun to play,” wrote Christian Moss, co-founder of ZEBEDEE. “However, while games have progressed into the digital age, the medium of value transfer between players has not. This creates a huge void in the modern gaming experience.”

    However, Bitcoin and the Lightning Network now provide games with a global, interoperable currency that restores monetary value to gaming. According to the release, by leveraging this technology stack, ZEBEDEE has seen a sustained 30 percent increase month over month in new users and transactions on their platform, and the three mobile games already launched by Viker have quickly gained traction.

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