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1st International Cryptocurrency Exchange
Miami’s mayor continues to be paid in bitcoin
Francis Suarez, the first American politician to get his salary in bitcoin, acknowledged that he is still doing so. Francis Suarez, the mayor...
Binance to Provide Crypto Strategy Advice as Kazakhstan Looks to Expand Industry
Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, will assist Kazakhstan in developing digital asset legislation as the Central Asian country looks to expand its...
JPMorgan said Wednesday in a note that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are now among its favored "alternative" investments. Risky assets, which typically include bitcoin...
Here’s Why Bitcoin Maximalist Jack Dorsey Left Twitter’s Board
In what could be a watershed moment for cryptocurrency Twitter, Jack Dorsey quit the social media company on Wednesday. This follows Elon Musk's...
The first cryptocurrency satellite has been launched into space by a SpaceX rocket
A coffee-cup-sized crypto satellite has found its way into low Earth orbit, bringing blockchain-related cryptography to space. Cryptosat launched Crypto1, a cryptocurrency satellite...
FTX US is searching for strategic acquisitions following ‘notable expansion’ in user numbers
After experiencing "notable growth" in users, FTX US President Brett Harrison stated that the exchange is exploring for strategic acquisition prospects. Harrison made...

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