• Mars Inc. submits trademark applications for M&M’s in NFT, crypto, and metaverse

  • Leading worldwide businesses are positioning themselves to gain from the metaverse concept and non-fungible tokens (NFT) as they investigate ways to maintain connections with customers.

    As a result, Mars Inc., the world’s largest chocolate company, has filed an NFT trademark registration for its popular brand M&M. On June 24, licensed trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis tweeted about the application, noting that it involves “NFTs and digital tokens, virtual candies and food.”

    Furthermore, the June 20 application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) contains software for authenticating, transferring, and storing NFTs, digital money, and tokens, as well as crypto-collectibles.

    The company stated its intention to capitalize on the cryptocurrency sector by giving NFTs and digital collectibles for some of its most successful physical products. According to the application, the company will provide virtual entertainment services such as online virtual settings with virtual consumables such as chocolate, candy, and gum.

    Global brands are gaining popularity in the metaverse.

    Notably, as the metaverse and NFTs evolve, top worldwide businesses from various industries are increasingly exhibiting interest. At the moment, the expanding sector is seen as a perfect opportunity for businesses to connect with customers.

    McDonald’s and KFC are two such food brands that have stepped into the metaverse by bringing their items to the virtual world.

    DeLorean Motor Company, which filed two NFT trademarks in May, is another notable company indicating an interest in entering the metaverse.

    Celebrities and NFT trends

    Indeed, the NFT trend has had an impact on individuals, with basketball player Kevin Durant among the famous names. In order to communicate with his supporters, the Brooklyn Nets star filed 26 trademark applications.

    In other news, Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo has inked an exclusive multi-year NFT contract with cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

    The number of NFT-related trademarks in the United States topped 4,000 between January 1 and May 31, 2022. It’s worth noting that if the NFT applications are allowed, the sector’s value will certainly exceed the market capitalization of assets like Bitcoin.

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