• A crypto metaverse is being launched by a Japanese game with 8 million users

  • Metaworld is the most recent version of the popular Japanese game Gensokishi Online.

    METAWORLD, the newest iteration of the popular game, has been released by Gensokishi Online Project. Metaworld is a blockchain-based version of “Gensokishi Online,” a game that won the “Game of the Year Gold Award” in 2012 with 8 million users in Japan, Taiwan, and the United States.

    In a metaverse environment, the latest version of the game will incorporate elements of GameFi and NFTs.

    In 2022, what can we expect from Gensokishi?

    The meta world created by Gensokishi is based on 3DMMO (3D Mass Multiplayer Online) technology and aims to create a new fantasy world economy. The game will include all three kinds of blockchain-based gaming: “Free to Play,” “Play to Earn,” and “UGC to Earn.”

    Gensokishi’s Metaworld will introduce the concept of User Generated Content in addition to providing a free gaming platform and profit-generating rewards in the form of NFTs (UGC).

    The game will include infrastructure that will allow individuals and businesses to buy land in the Metaworld and freely edit the metaverse environment. Users will be able to mint and sell their own NFTs within the game, in addition to creating buildings, natural environments, and characters.

    “The Metaverse allows us to build a new age society,” Gensokishi said in a press release. “Players can live in a virtual space while communicating in a variety of ways, in addition to engaging in fantasy world adventures and economic activities with players from all over the world.”

    The first step in the company’s launch, according to the roadmap, will be to set up the production, sales, distribution, and monetary mechanisms for in-game cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Following that, the team will concentrate on incorporating UGC features into the game and allowing the transfer of virtual world rights to NFTs. The management will be transferred to a decentralized autonomous organization once the game structure is fully established (DAO).

    Metaworld will have two distinct tokens: MV and ROND. MV, the game’s main currency, will be a Polygon-based utility token with a total supply of 2 billion that will be used for purchases and staking. The ROND, on the other hand, will be used in the game’s economy. It will, however, have real-world value because users will be able to exchange the token on DEXs.

    At the end of December, Metaworld’s MV token will be listed on Uniswap, Quickswap, and Pancakeswap. Listings on other DEXs, such as Sushiswap and Curve, are expected in the first quarter of 2022.

    The game’s official public release is scheduled for next summer. Until then, the game will be in beta mode, allowing users to test out new features.

    To commemorate the launch of Metaworld, which was created by licensing the Japanese 3DMMO title “Elemental Knights Online,” the company will give away “Limited Equipment NFTs” to users who join its online communities. The campaign will run from December 2nd to December 27th, with distribution beginning on December 28th.

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