• Charles Hoskinson: Here’s How Cardano’s Vasil Upgrade Is Having Now

  • Cardano and IOG founder Charles Hoskinson took to Twitter to express his appreciation for the Vasil update that occurred on the Cardano chain on September 23.

    The Twitter account @projectNEWM, which is establishing a music streaming platform for musicians and music consumers, has written a tweet brimming with excitement and congratulating the successful deployment of the Cardano Vasil hard fork.

    According to the tweet, they were looking forward to the upgrade because it now allows them to deploy smart contracts on it. Vasil, according to the person behind the Twitter account, will make smart contract deployment more efficient and cost-effective.

    Hoskinson stated that he has seen “hundreds of tweets like this one,” and that many projects are keen to build on Cardano right now.

    So far, the first upgrade has occurred; Vasil occurred on Sept. 22 at 9:45 p.m. at epoch 365. (UTC). The second, the Plutus V2 Cost Model network upgrade, will go live on September 27 at 9:45 p.m. (UTC). That will be the 366th epoch.

    Vasil will update Plutus, Cardano’s native programming language for smart contracts.

    According to WhaleStats data, before to the Vasil implementation, ADA rocketed back into the top ten list of the most-purchased assets on the BNB Chain for the largest 100 BSC whales.

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