• CryptoVoxels has begun the development of a native token

  • Following Zuckerberg’s adoption of the term “Metaverse,” public interest in metaverses has skyrocketed, as has demand for virtual world-backed tokens. Decentraland has $MANA, The Sandbox, and $SAND, all of which have risen in value in recent months. However, the guiding light of decentralized universes, CryptoVoxels (CV), is still without a native digital currency.

    As a result, the CV team is frequently courted by investment firms looking to get a piece of the action, and several unaffiliated CV coins have emerged, attempting to fill the void. However, in order to remain free and independent, CV has decided to go it alone, and will therefore develop a brand new token, with a tentative release date of April 2022. However, one question remains. How do you create a tokenomics system that provides genuine utility to the metaverse? Scarcity Island has arrived.

    Scarcity Island is essentially a tokenomics experiment. A microcosm within CryptoVoxels that aims to push the boundaries of governance, mining, play-to-earn, and rewards. The island is divided into three districts, represented by gold, silver, and bronze, with gold having the most voting power and bronze having the least. Each land parcel in the experiment contains discoverable secret tokens, which serve as the foundation of the voting system. Members of the island can then vote on important issues such as the weather, soundtrack, street color, and even building constraints.

    Scarcity Island will contain a wealth of data that will be used to design the final CryptoVoxels token. The new coin, currently known as $BOOP, will change the way we interact with CV and take the platform to the next level.

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