• Disney has hired a transaction lawyer to help with its ‘aggressive’ NFT and DeFi initiatives

  • According to a job posting on LinkedIn, The Walt Disney Company is looking to hire a transaction lawyer to investigate potential in emerging technologies, such as NFTs, while working on a “accelerated and aggressive timeframe.”

    The employment would “work with business teams as they create new global emerging technology projects” in other areas like the metaverse and decentralized banking, according to the job posting.

    Help with sophisticated agreement negotiations and writing for NFT, blockchain, third-party marketplace, and cloud provider projects, according to the job description.

    In most cases, transaction lawyers also examine complex commercial transactions like mergers and acquisitions.

    Saturday morning, the post was published on LinkedIn. Disney CEO Bob Chapek stated at the D23 Expo fan conference on September 10 that the corporation is studying and creating plans for the metaverse. The Mickey Mouse conglomerate hired a long-time Apple executive as vice president of “Next Generation Storytelling Creative Experiences” in June, and a consumer experiences executive was promoted to executive vice president of “Next Generation Storytelling & Consumer Experiences” the following month.

    “We call it next-gen storytelling,” Chapek said backstage at the expo in Anaheim on Sept. 10. “We tend not to use the M word too often, because it has a lot of hair on it.”

    The Walt & Mickey “Partners” NFT was released on the VeVe app for iOS and Android last year.

    The new attorney will be employed by the Walt Disney Company’s legal division in the corporate transaction unit. They must have at least five years of management and leadership experience in complex corporate transactions, preferably at a major international law firm with a reputable corporate practice.

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