• Flow Ventures is the first fund to make an investment in Axie420 Scholarships

  • Flow Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in innovative crypto projects, recently announced its latest involvement in the Axie Infinity ecosystem. Flow contributed $100,000 to the Axie420 Scholarships program.

    The Axie420 Scholarship was launched in July of this year, and in just over a month, it has over 140+ scholars, over 2,500 Discord members, and over 8,000 Twitter followers. The scholarship was created to help improve the lives of people all over the world by offering fair payouts, educational content, and encouraging members to support one another in order to improve their gaming skills and advance their chances for success in life and beyond.

    Flow is confident that blockchain-based games and the play-to-earn model will establish themselves as a prominent and promising fixture in the industry. Because of its decentralized nature, NFT gaming promotes inclusion and financial empowerment. A fun experience combined with financial incentives is also an excellent way to attract new crypto users (read more here about how blockchain gaming is paving the way for mass adoption of NFTs and crypto).

    The investment firm will continue to work with Axie420 to explore additional potential areas of collaboration, and it invites other NFT games and projects to contact them if they wish to participate.

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