• In New York City, Neon introduces the world’s first NFT vending machine

  • Platform for NFT With its NFT vending machine, Neon is physically bringing NFTs to people’s doorsteps. Yes! Yes, you read it correctly: the world’s first NFT vending machine is already operational in New York City’s financial sector.

    Despite the fact that some companies and important celebrities have spoken out about NFTs, the majority of the general public is still unaware of them. As a result, an innovative concept like this will undoubtedly increase the accessibility of NFTs.

    What is the operation of the first NFT vending machine?

    This vending machine functions in the same way as any other vending machine, but with a slight twist. To begin, if you’re concerned about payment, don’t be; the machine accepts both USD credit and debit cards.

    Here’s a breakdown of how to use the machine to buy NFTs.

    Step 1: Make a payment using a USD debit or credit card.

    The machine will dispense a box containing a unique code for the selected NFT.

    Step 2: Scan the box’s unique code.

    Step 3: Enter the code into the Neon Platform to redeem your NFT.

    Advantages of the machine

    Neon’s machine does not require any cryptocurrency or wallet in order to make NFTs more accessible and understandable. In addition, Neon makes use of the eco-friendly and highly efficient Solana blockchain.

    According to Jordan Birnholtz, CMO and co-founder of Neon, “although only 2% of Americans have digital wallets, 80% have a credit or debit card.” “That’s a 40-fold increase in an artist’s potential audience,” he explains. We want to empower innovators and digital artists whose labor is frequently underappreciated.”

    If you’re in New York City, go check out this open NFT vending machine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, if you’re thinking about building your own NFT collection, check out these five NFT maker tools for creating NFTs quickly.

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