• Ledger NFTs sell out in less than 24 hours

  • The Ledger Market sold 10,000 NFTS in just 24 hours following its inception, incorporating the first-ever safe clear signing mint.

    Since NFTs went widespread in 2021, new marketplaces have sprouted up. There are currently almost 250 active NFT marketplaces. Most platforms, however, do not offer the same security protections as Ledger.

    The increased security was critical to the launch’s success. Since the marketplace began, users have purchased all 10,000 Genesis Ledger NFTs in less than 24 hours. The NFT collectibles were sold for about 0.3 ETH per piece, which was a bit more than $484 at the time of the sale.

    What is the Ledger Market, exactly?

    Before we get into the specifics of the deal, let’s take a look at the Ledger Market.

    The marketplace is a platform for multi-chain NFT distribution. The Ledger’s creators describe it as “the world’s first-ever secure mint platform for handpicked NFT drops.”

    In other words, the ledger was created to provide a secure environment for NFT trading. The proprietors wished to establish a virtual marketplace that was as secure as a physical store.

    The security features work as follows. To keep the Ledger marketplace safe, the programmers only programmed a single entry point. To gain access to the Market, users must first pass through Ledger Live, a secure virtual ecosystem.

    The Ledger enables users to mint digital assets and create NFTs using clear-signing, increasing transparency. Clear signing accomplishes this by enabling users to see all transaction data while signing. The technology safeguards consumers against common scams such as phishing.

    But why did Ledger NFTs sell so quickly?

    What is the cause of the Ledger NFT sell-off?

    Some argue that the low cost of NFTs is the answer. The total cost of the 10,000-piece NFT collection was approximately 3,000 ETH, or less than $4.8 million.

    The price is more than reasonable when compared to other recently announced collections. And, given the rise in the value of select NFT collections, the owners are certain to earn handsomely in the future.

    Of course, that isn’t the only reason. Each Genesis Ledger NFT customer is entitled to redeem a rare Ledger Black-on-Black Nano X.

    The Nano X is a limited edition hardware wallet that secures the storage of digital access such as crypto currencies and NFTs. Connecting your smartphone to the wallet through Bluetooth allows you to access your digital assets in seconds.

    Furthermore, Genesis Ledger holders will have access to future drops. Genesis holders can be certain that their investment will pay off as Ledger Market revealed a spate of high-profile collaborations, including as the Nike RTFKT project.

    Final Thoughts

    Everything we’ve discussed so far is simply the beginning for the Ledger Market. Their partner list will grow, more NFT collections will be released, and the marketplace will flourish.

    Ledger Market was founded with the intention of being inclusive and accessible to all entrepreneurs, organizations, and crypto fans. The success of the Genesis NFT sale shows that they are on the right track.

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