• MetaSoccer, the first-ever football game, aims to bring together football fans and cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the Metaverse

  • Blockchain gaming has developed into a successful industry with numerous investment opportunities. However, the new addition of the Metaverse concept allows more ordinary people to join in on the fun and check out immersive gaming experiences. Following the phenomenon created by Sky Mavis’s most popular pokemon-like blockchain game, Axie Infinity, many gaming companies attempted to recreate a similar play-to-earn experience. However, Champion Games’ MetaSoccer has entered the scene as a new and promising project.

    Overview of MetaSoccer:

    Champion Games, a well-known Spanish game studio, is on the verge of replicating the success of Axie Infinity with their latest foray into the Metaverse. MetaSoccer, the world’s first soccer game playable within the metaverse where players get to manage their FC clubs and experience a play-to-earn model, was created by the 6-year-old game studio led by Marc Cercos, Alex Fiestas, and Patxi Barrios. MetaSoccer is inspired by real-life sports, and it is up to the players to gain experience in order to maximize the potential of their FC.

    What distinguishes MetaSoccer?

    Unlike the many imitators in the crypto gaming industry, MetaSoccer offers something unique. It will be a hybrid of blockchain gaming, DeFi, sports betting, and, of course, football.

    Players can find, train, play, and earn money from promising young NFT soccer players to include in their teams and experience the realistic feeling of being an FC club manager. During “find,” one could dispatch youth scouts to explore the ecosystem in search of potential players. By playing matches, you can improve the skills of each player by using the “training” aspect.

    “Play” mode is intended for developing players who are ready to compete in official matches against other users. Winning all types of matches and league matches allows you to earn money. You can earn as much money for your club as you want by playing and winning the most matches. Being an NFT asset means that users are the sole owners of the MetaSoccer assets. MetaSoccer created its assets in a secure and methodical manner using the ERC-721 standard.

    The MetaSoccer team prioritizes asset evolution, which means that after reaching their peak performance through competition, the NFT players will begin to age over time. Youth Scouts are an additional asset in the MetaSoccer ecosystem. They are in charge of introducing (minting) new NFT players into the ecosystem. They also have a variable skill set from which they can find a suitable player for inclusion in the team.

    • Winning official matches against other users or even a friendly match against an AI.
    • Your Youth Scouts searched for and discovered selling NFT players.
    • Increasing sponsorship and merchandising revenue.

    Being an MSU holder opens up new opportunities for all users because it allows them to participate in MetaSoccer’s governance process. Other advantages include:

    • Chance to try out the newest features
    • Opportunity to vote on major governance decisions
    • Exclusive NFT releases as they become available
    MetaSoccer’s To-Date Achievements:

    Despite only being in operation for a short time, Champion Games’ blockchain-based NFT game project has accomplished a great deal. The company recently made headlines after raising €2 million in a funding round led by Play Ventures, a Spanish investment fund. Other supporters of MetaSoccer include DAO Maker, Defiance Capital, Kyros Ventures, Parafi Capital, and Metrix Capital, in addition to Play Ventures, which is affiliated with Ath21 and Polygon.

    The team of experts behind this ambitious project has made significant contributions to meeting milestones and increasing visibility. MetaSoccer’s advisory board includes well-known YouTubers such as Reven, Willy Rex, and Kmanus88 (who have millions of social media followers). It’s worth noting that MetaSoccer has already distributed 72 million MSU tokens during its private sale. During the public sale, however, a total of 18 million MSU tokens were distributed.

    The company intends to raise funds in order to meet the goals set for 2022. One of these objectives is to complete the video game’s development phase by hiring global talent who excel at Golang technologies and onchain programming in Solidity. MetaSoccer would also prioritize marketing efforts to attract the attention of its target audience, which accounts for 40% of the global population.

    MetaSoccer’s audience and users are football fans as well as blockchain enthusiasts looking to generate a daily income that is stable enough to keep them going. Unlike crypto trading and mining, which are becoming increasingly unproductive half of the time.

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