• Now Available: Cool Cats and Habbo Collaboration

  • The long-awaited Habbo and Cool Cats collaboration is finally available. For owners of Cool Cats and Pets, this alliance will provide numerous advantages. This contains the Cool Cats apparel, badges, and bags, all of which are now available for purchase by gamers.

    How are these advantages available to Cool Cats members?

    Cool Cats-branded clothes, badges, and bags are available as in-game rewards, and furniture is expected to be available in early October. In addition, Habbo’s Cool Cats Room recently debuted. Through the Habbo desktop software and browser, the Cool Cats community can presently access in-game functionality. There isn’t currently any support for the Habbo mobile app.

    Players must click the menu in the lower-left corner of the screen to access the perks. Then, after choosing “Looks,” users can select from a variety of Cool Cat outfits to wear in-game. In the chat window, enter “:roomid 78421775” to enter the Cool Cats Room.

    Explain Habbo.

    An online community called Habbo has existed for more than 20 years. Sampo Karjalainen and Aapo Kyrölä began working on it as a side project in 1999. It began as a beta program in 2001 and kept growing.

    It is possible to access Habbo’s major feature, the “Hotel,” from the site. Players can access a variety of rooms, including the Cool Cats Rooms, through the “Hotel.” The game has a large number of NFT integrations, over 8,000 unique items, and a distinctive art style. Habbo’s image in the Web3 community will definitely improve as a result of its partnership with a prestigious NFT project like Cool Cats.

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