• PetaRush, a web3 game, collaborates with NFT Project Phanta Bear

  • Popular Web3 game PetaRush has now revealed that it would collaborate with NFT project Phanta Bear. The simultaneous role engagement between various IPs is a first for a video game. 10,000 Phanta Bear NFTs, which are 3D models of the original 2D Phanta Bear, have been made available on both teams’ platforms for usage in the game. All Phanta Bear NFT owners get access to the brand-new 3D Phanta Bear In-Game NFT.

    PetaRush allows NFT holders to use their NFTs to play the game and participate in the new era of multi-IP blockchain gaming. The PetaRush team has successfully traversed three separate obstacles to attain the end aim of this collaborative project. First, they turned Phanta Bear’s 2D image into its 3D counterpart. Second, the original Phanta Bear is devoid of legs. As a result, PetaRush and PHANTACi created new leg models to allow the avatars to run faster. Finally, Phanta Bear NFT is now available on Ethereum, expanding its reach.

    PetaRush’s Web3 strategy is used.

    A racing game with an NFT theme called PetaRush. To represent the racers’ personalities, such as ions, cats, pigeons, and foxes, it uses cyberpunk aesthetics. The six components that make up a character—the head, body, hands, feet, back, and accessories associated with particular skill combinations—are picked at random. The red planet’s sand dunes, lakes, and volcanoes are just a few of the diverse Martian landscapes where players engage in combat.

    PetaRush intends to develop the breeding capability in the future so that NFTs from different IPs can breed to create new NFTs with higher rarity, enhancing the Web3 gaming community. Peta, the in-game NFT used by PetaRush, will be whitelisted starting in October. Whitelist information is available to players on PetaRush’s Discord channel. Furthermore, the PetaRush game’s closed beta test will begin in November. It will usher in a new era of Win to Earn gaming, in which gamers will be able to race NFT characters in-game.

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