• Strategic Alliances for Tom Brady’s NFT Platform

  • Autograph, the NFT startup co-founded by NFL quarterback Tom Brady, has announced a slew of new partnerships. The corporation will manage a wide range of exclusive NFTs under the terms of the new agreements.

    To begin with, Autograph has enlisted the help of a number of well-known athletes. They’ve inked multi-year arrangements to manage Tony Hawk, Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods, and other sports legends’ NFT content. A slew of new NFT material will be added to the site as a result of the contracts. They will also serve on the Autograph advisory board to help with future projects.

    Second, Lionsgate Studios has signed a contract with the corporation. Lionsgate’s best assets will be able to launch a series of NFTs alongside Autograph thanks to the clever agreement. This means that films like John Wick, The Hunger Games, and Mad Men will be released on the NFT platform.

    Finally, Draft Kings, a wagering company, has made their own announcement, announcing that they are planning to start their own native NFT marketplace. As a result, Autograph has signed an agreement to introduce its sporting superstars to the site.

    By the end of the summer, Autograph hopes to have its system up and operating. However, anyone interested in early access can sign up now for free and tokenize their own login.

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