• Stripe Announces a Partnership with Braintrust for Freelancer USDC Payouts

  • Braintrust freelancers will now be able to get compensation in their crypto wallets in minutes.

    Stripe, a payment company, has announced a partnership with Braintrust, a decentralized talent network. Stripe said on Thursday that Braintrust has added a new payout option to its Stripe Connect service, allowing freelancers to receive USDC payments.

    The payment corporation serves 4.4 billion individuals in over 110 countries and accepts payments in native currencies and cryptocurrency. Stripe first enabled USDC payments for a restricted set of Twitter content creators in April of this year. According to the announcement, the company plans to extend support for additional blockchains in further locations. According to Jeremy Allaire, co-founder of Circle, the issuer of USDC, USDC offers a more inclusive way of transmitting money around the world. This includes freelancers in nations where the majority of the population does not have access to banking.

    “Access to reliable economic infrastructure can vary depending on where our talent lives. The global reach of Stripe Connect levels the field. We were able to get up and running with Connect crypto payouts quickly, allowing our talent to get paid in minutes, rather than days. Instead of building a giant money movement organization, we’re able to focus on our mission of connecting great talent to great jobs,” Mark Williams, VP of Infrastructure at Freelance Labs, which created Braintrust, agreed.

    In a tweet, early Bitcoin engineer Jeff Garzik responded to the news.

    Braintrust is a decentralized talent network that matches competent freelancers with customers like Porsche and NASA. It has aided freelancers in earning about $100 million. Braintrust freelancers will now be able to get money in their crypto wallets in minutes, rather than days in certain situations for bank transfers.

    Stripe was the first big payment company to integrate crypto payments in 2015 when it added support for Bitcoin. It would then suspend Bitcoin payments, only to resume them after the 2021 bull run.

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