• STUDIO90ies, a 3D art production platform, has launched a one-of-a-kind, high-end NFT collection

  • STUDIO90ies, a 3D centralized art production studio, is launching the SADBUNZ collection, a collection of 12 highly realistic 3D figures, as a tribute to sadness. According to a press release sent exclusively to Invezz, the elements are reminiscent of luxury collectibles.

    They will be featured in a virtual exhibition titled “IT IS ALL AROUND US” later this month, which will feature prominent NFT artists showcased using Artgence 3D’s immersive technology. You can see it by clicking here.

    A marriage made in heaven

    SADBUNZ incorporates both of these trends into a single product. An exclusive soundtrack plays in the background of the luxury, revolving NFT product as the figurines spin. STUDIO90ies created the collection in collaboration with experts to highlight the characteristics that figurine and luxury goods markets would expect from a collector’s item.

    It’s more than just a collectible.

    The Sadbunz figurines, according to Guy Jonathan Kazaumba and Joy Katharina Lorck-Schierning, cofounders and managing directors of STUDIO90ies, reflect the melancholy of day-to-day life in the digital age, when we’ve never been more connected but divided. The creators of the figurines, Pikazo 21 and Marley XXI, stated:

    “Emojis have become ingrained in our digital communication. It has been reported that identifying with emojis or similar cartoonized expressions in difficult times has a therapeutic effect on us. SADBUNZ are, in some ways, a response to the growing mental health concerns. They serve as a reminder that, while life can be difficult at times, no sadness lasts forever.”

    The Sadbunz saga begins with the initial release of the collectible NFT figurine series. There will be a total of 12 different colorways. The 75 first editions to collect will be spread across five NFT marketplaces, inspiring a digital treasure hunt.

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