• Terra Classic Development Group Announces the Launch of the LUNC Growth Funding Validator

  • TerracVita, the Terra Classic development team, stated in a Sunday tweet that it has teamed with High Stakes Switzerland to launch a validator to assist generate revenue for Terra Classic development operations.

    The organization posted in the discussion, encouraging users to stake with the validator to boost Terra Classic development:

    “Our volunteers have self-funded for four months, helping implement governance proposals, developing code, and restoring governance to give LUNC a chance of life. TerraCVita helps this by funding those members sustainably and others.”

    So far, the community has reacted positively to the news of the validator’s release. Everyone agrees that contributors should be compensated for their contributions. It also serves as a motivator for increased developer participation on the network. Terra Classic, unlike most blockchains, is currently owned by the community and does not have access to venture capital (VC) funding or a cache of reserved tokens for development.

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