• The Sandbox performs its first metaverse wedding at the altar

  • Weddings have definitely arrived in the metaverse, following Decentraland’s groundbreaking ceremony and Taco Bell’s bizarre marketing campaign. As interest in technology grows, The Sandbox has joined the festivities with its own spectacular event.

    Joanne and Clarence, Singaporean lovebirds, married earlier this week in a hybrid virtual and physical wedding, taking to the metaverse in a disco glam dressed digital version of the famed Akaff house. As a result, throughout both planes of reality, we are celebrating in true technological flair.

    While Clarence and Joanne entertained their guests, they also took the time to interact in the metaverse, marrying in a ceremony supervised by none other than The Sandbox co-founder, Sebastian Borges. They then reverted to human shape to continue their celebration, which was most likely punctuated by drunk uncles and awful dancing.

    Metaverse weddings are an intriguing development in the virtual sphere since they allow a new cutting-edge means of participation for those who are separated by location, budgets, anxiety, and overall antisocial behavior to participate in the big day.

    The magnificent party was made possible by the collaboration of 1-Group, Smobler Studios, and The Sandbox. With Smobler’s brilliant team supplying the voxel know-how to construct the spectacular venue.

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