• Top 3 Crypto Tokens to Consider Purchasing in April 2022

  • Following a brief bullish rise, the market has plummeted while sinking, indicating a bear market. Bitcoin almost reached $42K from a range of $46K, but it has yet to achieve its support level of $41K. Following the decline of BTC, other altcoins are also flashing bear market indications.

    Despite the fact that there are millions of cryptocurrencies in the market, each one specializes in a certain set of qualities, and traders use them accordingly. Many altcoins do exceptionally well, outperforming mainstream cryptocurrencies. Similarly, a Youtuber with the channel “Finance Bro” has distributed some altcoins to his fans. ApeCoin, Decentraland, and Cosmos are the top three probable crypto tokens to buy in April 2022, according to him.

    Potential Tokens to Purchase Right Now!

    Metaverse coins, meme coins, and decentralized finance coins are among the top cryptocurrencies. ApeCoin (APE), a new token in the market, is the first top crypto coin on the list. It entered the market in March 2022 and has been publicly traded since March 17th. APE has been in the market for less than a month, with prices starting at $10 and rising to $14 before falling back to $10.95.

    ApeCoin was created specifically for the Web3 economy through art, gaming, and entertainment. According to the YouTuber, APE will begin to rise in price in the next days, reaching roughly $11 or $12. The price will then rise higher, reaching an all-time high of $14. Furthermore, with a current market worth of $3.3 billion, it has a good chance of increasing by 20% or 30% in April.

    The second cryptocurrency will be Decentraland (MANA), a popular market token. It is down 2.32 percent for the day and 9 percent for the month. Decentraland allows people to create, explore, and trade in the world’s first virtual world. The decentraland marketplace allows users to purchase and trade land holdings, avatar items, and names. The benefit is that many large corporations are entering the metaverse, which will undoubtedly support the pricing of potential metaverse ventures such as MANA. That is why you should hold this token in April, since you will notice bigger gains.

    The third and greatest token to spotlight is Cosmos (ATOM), which is now down 0.91 percent for the day. Cosmos is the Internet of Blockchains, a continually expanding decentralized network of interconnected apps and services. The platform presently hosts over 260 apps, which are expanding in number, and it manages $170 billion in digital assets. As a result, ATOM is currently trading at $27.02, having peaked at $33 earlier this month before falling to $26. The market cap is $8.7 billion, which is double the value of MANA. ATOM is expected to gain 8% to 10% in the coming days, with gains ranging from 30% to 50% over the month of April.

    The top cryptocurrencies to buy now in April, however, are APE, MANA, and ATOM. These cryptocurrencies cover a wide range of market sectors and will all provide significant potential in the future. Furthermore, before investing in any cryptocurrency on the market, it is always advisable to conduct your own research.

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