• With this new NFT phone case, you can show off your verified NFTs

  • CASETiFY, a global tech accessories business, has created “NFT Your Case.” In an all-digital metaverse, this new NFT phone case represents the company’s “yes” to the burgeoning “phygital” subspace.

    NFT Verification Technology is used by CASETiFY.

    The corporation has assured that the particular case will be available exclusively to verified NFTs and owners. The CASETiFY order process requires the customer to first connect their Ethereum wallet. The purchaser will next select the NFT art they want printed on the casing.

    The NFT authentication will subsequently be carried out via CASETiFY’s verification platform.

    Once completed, the customer will pay for the order. The case will be delivered to their home address.

    The First NFT Phone Case Features a BAYC

    BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) #3583 was featured on CASETiFY’s very first NFT phone cover. The corporation bought it for 83.4 ETH (about USD 212,ooo at the time of writing) and then built the phygital.

    EACH NFT case bears a distinct NFT QR code. The code contains information on the phygital’s sources, such as metadata about the artist, the artwork, and the listing.

    “The launch of ‘NFT Your Case’ allows the community to flex their digital artworks directly in the palm of their hands while opening the door to unlimited creative possibilities in the metaverse,” CASETiFY Co-founder Wes Ng remarked.

    “NFT Your Case” is composed of 65% recycled material.

    While environmental concerns have been raised in relation to NFTs, CASETiFY has taken a cautious approach. Their NFT phone case is made of 65% recycled material. It also provides adequate protection, withstanding a 10-foot drop.

    The “NFT Your Case” starts at 45 USD.

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