• NFT Art Limited Edition Hennessy Paradis and Gold Decanter Drops

  • The renowned cognac manufacturer Hennessy is introducing a limited edition bottle NFT collection that has great utility. One hundred of Hennessy’s most coveted eaux-de-vie are combined to create the Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition, which is uncommon and special. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to purchase an extremely rare Hennessy product and is available through BlockBar.com, a top DTC NFT marketplace for luxury wines and spirits.

    One of these magnificent Hennessy 70cl NFT bottles of limited edition premium cognac will sell for $2,500 starting on September 23. These are extremely rare, have just 500 available, and won’t be accessible for long! Each NFT comes with a limited-edition bottle that is available in 70cl, and later this year, a 150cl magnum version will be released.

    The bottle for Hennessy NFT is a superb limited edition!

    A 70cl bottle of this exquisite cognac is the first NFT release in the Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition. A superb cognac with a gold tint is contained in this precious collector’s golden decanters. As a tribute to symphonic music, Master Blender Maurice Fillioux produced the magnificent Paradis cognac in 1979.

    Additionally, the Golden Hour Artwork, an exclusive animated Hennessy NFT designed by Veneda Carter, is tied to it. Notably, she is a gold-savvy jewelry designer and stylist for celebrities. As a result, she is the ideal match for the Golden Edition of this luxurious NFT collection.

    “We are delighted Hennessy has chosen to partner with BlockBar yet again to release Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition exclusively,” comments Dov Falic, CEO and co-founder of BlockBar. “BlockBar is at the forefront of phygital gifting this holiday season. We’re excited to offer our community this unique offering combining an exclusive artwork by Veneda Carter with personalized gift messages and an investable asset-backed NFT of Hennessy Paradis Golden Edition.”

    The ideal present for cognac enthusiasts

    Hennessy Paradias NFT bottles’ Golden Edition is a work of art. Therefore, it is a necessity for lovers and collectors of cognac. These 70cl bottles are also extremely rare because there are only 500 of them.

    Each of the second batch’s 100 150cl Magnum bottles will cost $6,000. In December, these bottles will go on sale. Importantly, owners of the 70cl NFT bottles will have early access to the magnum bottles when they go on sale.

    The technology used by BlockBar makes it simple to exchange your NFT for the tangible item. Additionally, the bottles can be shipped anywhere in the world!

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