• SWEAT Token Integration Announced by Trust Wallet

  • Trust Wallet’s integration of the SWEAT token was just announced by Sweat Economy. Users can transfer and receive SWEAT ERC-20 tokens on Trust Wallet using the move-to-earn platform.

    Shortly after the start of its largest-ever airdrop, the news was announced on the official Sweat Twitter. Sweat Economy has only been available on the NEAR network for a few days, yet it is already breaking records.

    Sweat, a cryptocurrency known for its novel idea of the “economy of movement,” launched with a market-breaking airdrop. The Sweat Economy, which dates back to 2016, gained 120 million users throughout the globe on its website and quickly became well-known in the industry.

    At the same time, the platform distributed $SWEAT, its Web3 token, to over 13.5 million token holders. Swear Wallet climbed the ranks to become the top downloaded Finance app in 50+ countries as a result of the development.

    This profitable enterprise occurred shortly after Sweat became the fastest-selling IDO on the DAO Maker ecosystem. The platform has already awarded over 4.7 billion tokens to people interested in learning more about the Web3 business.

    Sweat Wallet has been offered as a way for users to transition from Web2 to Web3. The multi-feature wallet was created to assist new users who have no prior knowledge of blockchain technology.

    In addition, the Sweat team mentioned that within 72 hours of its launch, more than two million people downloaded and activated Sweat Wallet. It is currently one of the most widely used bitcoin wallets available.

    Co-founder of Sweat Economy Oleg Fomenko also discussed the advancement. Oleg claims that the Sweat team has reached many milestones during the past week. The Sweat Wallet app will become even more well-liked among new users as Web3 grows in popularity.

    Given its vast user base and reach, the newest integration with Trust Wallet will also fulfill this function.

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