• Orange Spain Announces Metaverse Entry with a Diverse Product Offering

  • Orange Spain, a Spanish mobile communications provider, has announced its debut in the virtual environment. The cell provider wants to launch various items in the metaverse, including more than simply mobile devices.

    Orange Spain has relocated to the Metaverse.

    The company, known as La Tienda Orange in Spanish, will launch a slew of new services in the metaverse. Users could purchase full-length and short-film collections. In addition, there is a Moon adventure for those who are interested.

    The use of computers allows for easy access to the metaverse store. The Orange Spain metaverse experience offers a stress-free vacation with high-speed connectivity that makes virtual shopping simple due to the lack of parking hassles.

    Furthermore, there is a “La Red Rabanadas,” a multi-lane highway for traffic control known as “Network Slices” in English. Visitors to the metaverse have access to three distinct locations: La Zona Comercial (commercial areas), La Zona de Ocio (leisure areas), and La Zona Cultural (cultural areas) (amphitheater for holding events). In the metaverse, each region is created to serve a certain purpose.

    Meanwhile, Orange Spain stated that some infrastructure will be required to manage data-sensitive apps in the metaverse. Meanwhile, the company now provides immersive virtual experiences on Meta Quest, iOS, and Android devices. Furthermore, consumers can browse more than 100 immersive content utilizing virtual reality glasses or their smartphone’s gyroscope.

    Orange Eyes Enhance the Customer Experience

    The corporation has stated its intention to use a virtual ecosystem to improve the customer experience.

    The growing metaverse environment has compelled Orange Spain to explore virtual commerce to spice up its customer service.

    Furthermore, the Orange Group, Orange Spain’s parent business, has a global policy for its subsidiaries to investigate the metaverse. The company has already collaborated with Meta to include the Meta Quest 2 among its virtual reality tools.

    Mark Zuckerberg’s tech behemoth is the main manufacturer of digital reality gear and software for metaverse-ready organizations. In the metaverse, Orange customers can also explore other smartphone manufacturers such as Honor, Oppo, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei. Customers can also examine demos and promotions in online retailers that use 3D visualization.

    In the Metaverse, a sales agent is available to assist consumers. A customer care avatar is waiting to assist them with the Orange product and service offerings. This is comparable to what happens at Orange’s physical stores.

    Customers should expect outstanding service that is comparable to real-world examples. Orange clients at the new metaverse store will receive discounts on things purchased in the actual store. This is conditional on them receiving a notification for their purchase.

    Orange has spent a large amount of money to scale its customer care operations as its clients’ needs continue to evolve.

    Opening the metaverse store is one step toward establishing a model customer relationship for all brands.

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